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Janet lyrics


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        Janet, I believe that it's about time that
    We stopped to talk things over
    There's a lot of things about life
    Janet, you're too young to understand
    You think life with me is like a field of clover
    I can satisfy you now but I won't
    Always be this much a man
    Janet, there's not too much chance that we're gonna
    Make it through this night together
    And the reason I'm believin' is there's
    More than twenty years between our age
    Right now skies are bluer, later on,
    Will come the stormy weather
    Life is like a book and let me tell ya, Janet
    I've read every page
    You find satisfaction and contentment just
    Lyin' here bein' my embrace
    Let me tell you once again, that you'll wake up
    Some mornin' and be lookin' in some old and wrinkled face
    But I can't make you understand while you're lyin' here
    And cryin' like you're cryin' now
    And it's hard to think while kissin' you
    For no one else can kiss me like you can
    And all the time you're tryin' to reassure me
    That my youth ain't dyin' now
    That I'll never be too old
    That I'll always be this much a man
    You keep on a-tellin' me that you that don't expect
    No more from life than I can give
    Janet, I'm just fool enough to try to be that big a fool
    If that's the way you think you want to live
    Janet, I'm just fool enough to try to be that big a fool
    If that's the way you think you want to live
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